Edu mail advantages - Top 20 benefits of Edu Email account

Edu mail advantages will get to use it. Best for amazon prime with login Edu mail address. Also, have more benefits of Edu Email account that learn from here. Many businesses offer discounts on their products while others provide free premium services to students.

Edu Email Benefits

Many students and EDU email users should be aware of the top-level accounts listed below, register with EDU Email, confirm their email, and take advantage of the perks. Several IT businesses and organizations have recently begun assisting pupils who are enthusiastic about and interested in technology. Benefits of Edu Email account that learn here. 

Edu Mail advantages that you can get by Student Email Address

  • Full Free access to online educational materials & courses
  • Free use of streaming tools and content
  • Access important premium software
  • Free access to premium entertainment services
  • Access to tools for graphic design
  • Get several discounts to buy products

To take advantage of these products and services, you must need real and verified Edu email accounts by Gmail or Outlook.

benefits of Edu Email account

How to get an Edu email address?

Being a student or faculty member at a specific university or institution is the most convenient way to obtain a free EDU email address. But, registering for an online institution can help you get a free one.EDU email address even if you are not a student.

Edu email is typically used by educational institutions, and it is most frequently used by those with these addresses as a personal email. Most of the time, American schools and universities only give them out for academic purposes. Thus, I advise buying Edu Emails to obtain greater savings if you use Amazon, Spotify, or any of the other platforms stated above. Also, if you have this email, you can take advantage of the numerous advantages mentioned in the article section above. More benefits of Edu Email account that learn here.

How to Login Edu Email on your device

Steps to Login your  Edu E-mail On desktop

Step1: Open your browser Chrome or Firefox and go to Gmail sign-in ( )

Step2: Enter your Edu Email address ( ex.

N.B: If you have already logged in to an account then go “add another account” option at the upper right corner 

Step3: Enter your password

You'll be logged into your account On Mobile ( For Android Devices)

Step1: Go to Gmail ( )

Step2: Click on Account

Step3: Select add another account 

Step4: Select Google

Step5: Enter your Edu Email ID ( ex. [email protected])

Step6: Enter the password

Edu Email for Amazon prime

One of the best life hacks for anyone with access to a “.edu” email address is Amazon Prime Student. After your six-month trial of Prime Student expires, you will pay $6.49 per month, which is 50% less than what other Prime members pay.

Nearly all of the benefits of a standard Amazon Prime subscription are included with Prime Student, in addition to a few advantages tailored to students. It lasts for four years, or until the graduation date you specify, whichever comes first.

Benefits of Edu mail to get free 6-months of Amazon Prime

Students can sign up for a free six-month trial of Amazon Prime Student, which is followed by a discounted pricing of $6.49 per month or $59 per year for Prime Student.

How to Get Free 6-Months of Amazon Prime for Students

Step 1. Use GOOD US IP to start

You need to log in from USA IP. If you are not in the USA, then you can simulate IPs with good VPN services. 

Step 2. Go to the Amazon Prime Student page

Then click TRY PRIME STUDENT > Create your Amazon account

Step 3. Create a new account with your Edu email address or Sign-in

Then verify Edu email address with OTP.

Step 4. Enter information

Step 5. You have joined Prime Student

N.B: If you got “Signup Failed“, then “Click here to signup using your .edu email” and continue. You will get Success!

Top 20 benefits of Edu email account

Many institutions and universities are compelled to conduct their classes online during this phase of the pandemic. Benefits of Edu Email account that learn here. Whether you are a faculty member or student, it’s extremely probable that your college or university has given you an email address with domain.

An email address ending has many advantages. You can receive a lot of goods for free and, in the majority of cases, you can get significant discounts on products you might need frequently.

  1. GitHub Student Developer Pack

Benefits of Edu Email account. The best resource in the field of software development is GitHub Student Developer Pack. As trying things out first is the best way to learn, GitHub provides access to more than 100 development tools so that you may gain full hands-on experience. 

  1. Autodesk

For 3D modeling and design of practically anything under the sun, Autodesk offers sophisticated tools and services that are industry leaders in their fields. Being a student of engineering makes it impossible to ignore a well-known program like AutoCAD created by them. Autodesk offers these applications to students without charge, even though they typically cost about Rs 20,000 Rupees per year. That can be benefits of Edu Email account

  1. Office 365 Education from Microsoft

Benefits of Edu Email account Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Powerpoint, Excel, and OneDrive are its major products. Office 365 Education includes all of these productivity capabilities in addition to extra tools to support learning in the classroom.

  1. Adobe Creative Cloud for Education

Adobe no longer sells its products separately; instead, all of its software is available through Creative Cloud, a subscription-based approach with cloud storage. Most common benefits of Edu Email account. It includes applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, XD, and more than 20 others. At the time this post was written, Adobe priced this membership at Rs 4,230 INR per month, however, students may get it for Rs 1,596 INR per month, a 60% savings.

  1. JetBrains Free Educational Licenses

The manufacturer of popular developer tools like IntelliJ IDEA and PyCharm is JetBrains. That are the benefits of Edu Email account. It’s challenging to forgo their tools in order to simultaneously have a productive and fun experience, whether it’s web development, game development, or a side Python project. All of their products are accessible for free for both personal and educational use.

  1. Microsoft Azure Resources for Student Developers

More than 200 products and services are available through Microsoft Azure, a cloud platform that supports the creation of cloud solutions. The benefits of Edu Email account is Microsoft offers students free materials to help them develop their skills and launch their careers, as well as $100 in Azure credits, internship chances, and expert presentations.

  1. Canva

Have anything to say about graphics? Canva has got you covered; it’s simple to use and has expert layouts and a drag-and-drop capability. Millions of photos, icons, typefaces, and ready-to-use templates are available in its library. With 100GB of cloud storage and the flexibility to schedule your own publishes to 7 social media networks, Canva Pro also offers font and logo customizations. Canva Pro is now available to students for free thanks to a partnership with the GitHub Student Developer Bundle. Learn here about more benefits of Edu Email account.

  1. LucidChart 

Benefits of Edu Email account for teams of any size to interact and identify where they are now and where they need to go in the future, LucidChart offers end-to-end visual flowcharts. For educators as well as students, it is totally free.

  1. LastPass

With the help of the password manager LastPass, you may save your passwords securely. With just one convenient master password, you can forget the hassle of keeping your passwords safe in places like sticky notes or notepads. LastPress benefits of Edu Email account for your business.

  1. Roboform 

Roboform is another comparable password management program. It is quite comparable to LastPass, with the exception that you can use all the premium features for free for the first six months of your college or university enrollment. Accept more benefits of Edu Email account at the next.

  1. Student Amazon Prime Pack

Many benefits come with Amazon Prime, including free shipping on orders that are confirmed to arrive within two days, unrestricted access to Prime Videos’ movies and TV episodes, ad-free music streaming on Prime Music, and much more. Benefits of Edu Email account is Amazon gives students a free six-month trial of Amazon Prime and additional benefits just for students.

  1. Evernote Premium

Organize your notes, scan your notebooks, and keep track of your college deadlines with Evernote. Evernote is a cloud-based note-taking program that synchronizes all of your notes across devices and offers tools to make taking and studying notes easier.

  1. Squarespace

Do you need to host a website for a school project? Or do you require a blog website or a portfolio? If so, Squarespace is the ideal option for you, offering award-winning designs that can be customized to your needs. Students with valid university email addresses are eligible for a 50% discount from Squarespace.

  1. Wix is another website builder; that is a great benefits of Edu Email account. whether you need a logo for a side project, a small store, a blog, or an online portfolio, Wix can help. Wix lets you grow your business online and manage SEO in addition to merely building websites, which will lower your student loan costs.

  1. Premium Spotify

Spotify offers free, ad-supported streaming of millions of songs and music tracks. These advertisements are removed from Spotify’s Premium edition, which also includes offline streaming, improved audio quality, and mood-based playlists. Students who join up using their edu accounts receive a 50% discount.

  1. Student YouTube Premium Plan

In addition to background streaming and Picture-in-Picture mode on its mobile apps, YouTube’s Premium service launched this year with ad-free access to YouTube and YouTube Music. They offer special services at a reduced cost for students as well. Know more Benefits of Edu Email account at the next.

  1. Ableton

Software and hardware for music production and performance are produced by Ableton. Since 1999, its pillar products Live, Push, and Link have assisted communities in delivering great performances worldwide. Students and instructors can get a 40% discount on Live from Ableton.

  1. Lenovo Discounts for Students

Lenovo offers a wide choice of smartphones and laptops for both business use and enthusiasts. Lenovo laptops are available at special student rates and with no interest financing.

  1. HP Students Store

Benefits of Edu Email account for students. who purchase an HP PC will receive a 50% discount on printers, peripherals, and monitors.

  1. Program for Samsung Education Discount 

Nearly all Samsung goods are 10% off for students, and you can save up to 40% on smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other accessories.

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