How to Use Yahoo Accounts - Step by Step user guideline

How to use Yahoo accounts? Step-by-step guidelines for login yahoo account very easily. The following steps to login yahoo accounts on browsers and Mobile apps.

What is Yahoo Account?

Yahoo account use access to various services, like Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, and more. Real and verified account use for online activities. Also, need to enter some additional info that helps us keep your account secure and safe.

Why should Yahoo Account Use?

Yahoo is a search engine and there are still a lot of causes for people to visit the site. Important services of News articles, email services, videos, and more keep people coming back to Yahoo! Useful custom views for specific types of messages and access to Yahoo’s news services. 

How does Yahoo email work?

Yahoo Mail has most of the same features that Gmail has. You can send an email to Yahoo using the Yahoo Mail service. which you can access through any computer browser or Yahoo Mail app. Send an email from Yahoo Mail and compose your inbox. You can send emails to multiple users at once. 

Best Guideline for Login Yahoo Account

You will need the correct username and password to sign in to a real Yahoo account. Login into your Yahoo Mail account, before you can create an account or buy from CPAPVA 

How to Use Yahoo Account

N.B: You have to clean your browser and PC  before login Yahoo account.

Basic requirements to login Yahoo accounts smoothly

You can use single IP for login every two Yahoo account. You can use specific IP (Socks5, Dichvusocks)(Residential, Cellular, Careers) or VPN (Pure, PIA) to LogIn Yahoo account perfectly. Also, you need to clean your PC by “CCleaner” & “DiskMax” before login into an account. It is necessary to keep your account login smoothly.

How to Clean Your Browser & PC

It is a good idea to clear your browser cache because it: prevents you from using old forms, Protects your personal information, helps our applications run better on your computer. It’ll be removed from other devices and your Google Account. You can choose several Cleaner to clean your browser & PC. But we are mostly recommended to use “CCleaner“, “DiskMax“, “This PC“.


  • Download the “CCleaner” desktop application from online and Install it on your desktop
  • Open the “CCleaner” desktop application
How to Clean Your Browser & PC by CCleaner

Clean function1: “Health Check”

⇒ Click on the Health Check Option (that will see only the updated version of CCleaner)

On that page Click on the “Start” button to go next process

Put a Check mark on that browser where you will login to your account. Then Click on the “Close & Analyze” button

On the next page Click on the “Make it better” button


Clean function2: “Custom Clean”

There have two options

  1. Windows  2. Applications

In Windows option:

» Go to Advanced and uncheck only “Wipe Free Space” 

» Click on the “Run Cleaner” button

» After Completing 100% Click on “Analyze”

In Applications option:

» Click on Application and view all options for the Checkmark on

» Then Click on the “Run Cleaner” button

» After completing 100% Click on  “Analyze” button


Clean function3: “Registry”

 Click on the “Scan for Issues” button

 After completing 100% Click on “Review selected Issues”

 Then it will open a pop-up window automatically. There you will Click on “No” button

 Click on “Fix Issue” or “Fix all selected Issue” button

 After Completing > Issue Fixed then Click on “close” button


  • Download the “DiskMax” desktop application from online and Install it on your desktop
  • Open the “DiskMax” desktop application.

Clean function1: 

 Open DiskMax Application on Desktop

 Click on “System+” and go next option

 Click on “Next” button agin and again

 Uncheck all option on the row which browser you wan’t clean 

 Click on “Next” button again and again

 Click on “Start” button

 After completing clean Click on “Close” button


Clean function2: “ Repeat Clean function1

Clean function3:

 Open DiskMax Application on the Desktop

 Put a Check mark on “Use my saved preferences for this scan”

 Click on “System+” 

 After completing clean Click on “Close” button

This PC Clean

  • Put the cursor on “This PC” and right-click on their
  • Then Click on “Event Viewer” to get Windows logs
  • Click on “Windows Logs” to Clean several functions
How to Clean Your Browser & PC from This Pc

 Clean Application

 Click on “Application”

 Click on “Clear Log” option

 After Completing progress, will get there a pop-up

⇒ Click on “Clear” button


Clean Security

 Click on “Security”

 Click on “Clear Log” option

 After Completing progress, will get there a pop-up

 Click on “Clear” button


Clean Setup

 Click on “Setup”

 Click on “Clear Log” option

 After Completing progress, will get there a pop-up

 Click on “Clear” button


Clean System

 Click on “System”

 Click on “Clear Log” option

 After Completing progress, will get there a pop-up

 Click on “Clear” button


Clean Forwarded Event

 Click on “Forwarded Event”

 Click on “Clear Log” option

 After Completing progress, will get there a pop-up

⇒ Click on “Clear” button

How to Login Yahoo Account?

Sign in Yahoo Account on a desktop browser

Step1: Click “Sign in” button at the top of any Yahoo page

how to use yahoo accounts

Step2: Enter your Yahoo Username, Email, or mobile and click on the “Next” button

login yahoo account



Step3: Enter your password, then click on “Sign in” button

SignIn Yahoo account

How to manage multiple Yahoo Accounts?

If you need to manage bulk account, you may know the process. You cannot just log into them simultaneously in the exact browser. Browsers keep several personal and login data, or “cookies” to recognize you in your session. Also, have some specific way to login multiple Yahoo accounts at the same time.

Login Multiple Yahoo Accounts at the same time

Several ways to Login bulk accounts that you can apply

  • Use incognito private mode to log into bulk accounts on the same browser.
  • Use various browsers, such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and many others
  • Use the Yahoo Mail App 
  • Use several tools to manage multiple Yahoo accounts

The best tools to manage multiple Yahoo Accounts

1. Undetectable

Undetectable” is an anti-detect browser designed for easy handling of multi-accounting in social networks.

2. AdsPower

AdsPower” is an antidetect browser for managing multiple accounts with maximum online anonymity protection that prevents your accounts from bans.

3. Incogniton

Incogniton” is an anti-detect browser for multi-account management. Easy-to-use interface.

4. Shift

“Shift” is a powerful desktop app that allows you to simplify and collaborate across accounts and workflows

5. Mailbird

Mailbird is a great email management software tool designed for handling all your professional email communication in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions About Yahoo Account

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